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Who would qualify as a Student?

Student members, or those over 18 years of age1 who are pursuing a full-time college or university educational program of continual exploration, learning, and enquiries, represent the core constituency of OASA. Students are the recipients and the reasons why OASA exists. Many programs and activities at OASA are designed primarily for an audience of novice explorers in mind.2 . Anyone wanting to understand the broader interconnected world that we all live in, to learn to treasure our planet Earth which is our best Spaceship, and willing to work together in building and living with nature harmoniously through a sound understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) should likely qualify. We do not discriminate entry based on race, nationality, creed, politics, sex, religion, beliefs or colour. Conversely, we ask that all discussions be collegiate, apolitical, nonreligious, and without hostility directed towards any one person or group. If expressing differences in opinion, do so professionally and respectfully. (Anyone not observing our Code of Conduct will have their membership status revoked.) 

Special and Additional Benefits of Student Membership

OASA Student members are provided with these specially curated opportunities and challenges for the upcoming months:

  • Connect: Connect into this growing space ecosystem by actively attending webinars and chatrooms, joining expeditions, participating in experiments, and visiting launch sites.
  • Command: Establish, reinforce, and support an OASA university chapter at your university by being a cabinet member of the chapter.
  • Contribute: Join a UX exploration team to understand and define hidden preferences for goods and services for some small and medium enterprises. Provide user feedback on new services that can benefit humanity.
  • Create: Co-create with students from other universities and build use cases that can be shared and help spark new businesses.
  • Credit: Earn OASA Space Pioneer credits. For a select few, about 1% of the general student population, you may want to apply for an internship or apprenticeship with scientists, astronauts, professors, business persons in spacerelated industries, or companies who could potentially write recommendations for further studies.

Being Selected

Student membership is open to all students attending a school of higher education. Please refer to the entry requirements for Individual Membership. Student members with a strong and long track record of support to OASA may apply for an apprenticeship, a particular type of student membership. These slots are few and will require a separate selection process. Opportunities for more complex and challenging assignments and adventures would naturally fall to those who have the experience, the knowledge, the attitude, and the skills (also collectively known as competencies).

Expected Contribution in Return

The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy or OASA creates problem-based action-learning games, exercises, role-plays, and experiments, as these methods are highly effective in stimulating learning and retention. But these instruments require that the participants engage themselves in the exercises and be mindful of the learning activities. We seek explorers and players, not bystanders and those who just wanted to watch the world go by. Thus, we seek entrepreneurial students, drivers and not riders. We want young leaders and those who believe they have the "right stuff." Honest feedback and constructive comments are important and valuable for the designers, and we expect the students to contribute actively and help improve each of the learning activities. Conversely, we also expect the students to be able to ask for and take feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. 

Membership Refund Policy

Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Ltd (OASA) reserves the right to refuse/cancel/deny membership into the Academy. If OASA refuses a new or renewing membership, registrants will be offered a refund, less $100 service fee. - Chartered Membership can be cancelled by the member any time, but no refund is possible once the member has been approved as a chartered. - Other members may cancel their membership any time and will receive a prorated refund less $100 service fee. - Cancellation requests must be made in writing by e-mail, by the member or credit card holder. - Refund requests must include the full name of the member and/or member ID number. - Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. All benefits and incentives received by the members will be automatically removed or cancelled. The above policies apply to all OASA memberships unless otherwise noted in the corresponding programme materials. Please read all the information thoroughly.

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