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You are investing in a wonderful world of entrepreneurship, mentorship, and community building; and for many, discovery into the meaning of starting a new company that can solve new challenges in the Space economy. Since the Space economy is already everywhere and increasingly relevant, by being a member of a select group of individuals sets you apart from those who are only land-bound. 

Door to Opportunities As a member of OASA, you will be entitled to access, often at a discount, to the following ways that should expand your opportunities for self-discovery:

  • Connect: connect with bright students, experienced engineers, leading academics, fellow entrepreneurs, business angels, venture capitalists, and stakeholders worldwide who have a particular interest in the Space economy and the environment. Connect with visionaries and practitioners. 
  • Contribute: work with others to give back and expand opportunities in the Space economy for others, by participating and working with young scientific minds and businesses looking for transformation and additional markets narrow political boundaries.
  • Command: access opportunities to fine-tune and hone your leadership and project management skills by participating as project leaders or mentors, by learning new tools, by acquiring the basic language of digitalisation and the new Space economy; and at the end of the day, by demonstrating your abilities to deliver on your promise with others. 
  • Create: join forces with others to create and connect concepts and ideas, people and the application of technologies, with new and evolving markets. Build it, break it apart, and learn from mistakes. Learn to solve wicked problems that are complex and fluffy.  
  • Credit: earn entrepreneurial and project credits that can be acceptable by future employers, university admission offices, and potentially other professional organisations. Look forward to reverse mentorship.

The membership team will continue to find ways to enhance the value proposition of membership. Please stay tuned. Reach out to our membership engagement team with your comments please,

Membership Benefits and Activities

Individual members can look forward to gaining special and discounted access and news to these activities and supports :

  1. Invitation to meetings with government and foreign officials on space matters (zoom or face to face)
  2. Invitation to meetings with academics, astronauts, and industry gurus
  3. Access to online/offline space economy related events
  4. Right to vote in AGM and participate in governance
  5. Access to Special Interest Group (SIG) and becoming a Project Lead for that SIG
  6. Participation in an expedition to Space camps at a discount
  7. Priority to Internship or mentorship (subject to availability)
  8. Participation as global mentors and coaches (for those qualified) into university project teams
  9. Access to programs such as Mission Moonshot MasterClass and Young Marco Polo Program
  10. Certification of project participation and leadership competencies in space-related projects endorsed by OASA 

Membership Qualifications

Individual members are open to all eligible individuals who are at least 18 years old. To qualify for membership, all individuals must agree and abide by our Code of Conduct. Individuals with special interests in science, art, technology, engineering, and mathematics are encouraged to apply. Two members in good standing must endorse all applications. Next, the application is first vetted by our membership team and is recommended for membership to the Membership Committee before the next quarter. The individual does need to provide some proof of identity. Upon approval and receipt of payment, the member is inducted into the Academy on one-year probation. If the individual does not participate in any activity, the annual fee shall be refunded and requested to vacate the space for others. Individuals can also be removed, subject to the Membership Committee's recommendations and be given a fair process of repeal. We have an independent Chief Compliance Officer who stands ready to address all grievances.

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Membership Refund Policy

Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Ltd (OASA) reserves the right to refuse/cancel/deny membership into the Academy. If OASA refuses a new or renewing membership, registrants will be offered a refund, less $100 service fee.

- Chartered Membership can be cancelled by the member any time, but no refund is possible once the member has been approved as a chartered.
- Other members may cancel their membership any time and will receive a prorated refund less $100 service fee.
- Cancellation requests must be made in writing by e-mail, by the member or credit card holder.
- Refund requests must include the full name of the member and/or member ID number.
- Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. All benefits and incentives received by the members will be automatically removed or cancelled.

The above policies apply to all OASA memberships unless otherwise noted in the corresponding programme materials. Please read all the information thoroughly.