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100 Chartered Membership
This is a Lifetime membership
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The first 100 members who have signed up to the Lifetime Membership will be known as Chartered Members. Collectively, these founding members, and regardless of the year they have joined, have helped to establish the OASA headquarters in Hong Kong. They believe the future belongs genuinely to the courageous, adventurous, and entrepreneurial…to the young men and women, starting from Hong Kong, who are pioneers in the NewSpace Economy. Each chartered goes to support five student membership, allowing them to join for free.  

Chartered members are unique because these are the individuals who had seeded and invested in OASA when the Academy was just a concept. These founding members hold a special place in the history and heart of OASA, and perhaps for Hong Kong and the rest of the world.  They have energized the founding team, and collectively, they turned their ethos into reality.  These founding members and their unyielding exploratory spirit fueled the true nature of entrepreneurism; they will be inducted into OASA's Founding Committee of 100, our Hall of Fame.

Special Rights and Privileges

As a token of our appreciation, OASA Exco shall honour these individuals by recognising their generosity and support. OASA shall be proud to have these 100 names posted on our homepage and emblazoned onto a metal plate that will be forever displayed at the headquarters. In addition to the rights and privileges provided to all our members as outlined in our Articles of Association, chartered members shall be provided with the following seven unique benefits (updated 4 July 2023):

  1. OASA official digital business card, with "Chartered Member" as the official title, plus the member's preferred details. 
  2. Invitation and complimentary participation in OASA's paid SpaceBiz breakfast or SpaceBiz Luncheon or access to mentees and giving back to the community. 
  3. A certified "Chartered Member" Certificate for display. 
  4. At least 15,000 OASA or equivalent OASA coin credits. 
  5. A one-time special surprise welcome gift (lapel pin, scarf, or an OASA logo).
  6. Priority or exclusive access and invitation with international VIPs and visits. 
  7. First opportunity to explore and test new OASA products, services and use cases, which may include,
  • Free virtual coaching and mentoring by other chartered members,
  • Seeding of university interns into your entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Free or subsided summer internship for your children / company.
Total Due:$ 0

Membership Refund Policy

Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Ltd (OASA) reserves the right to refuse/cancel/deny membership into the Academy. If OASA refuses a new or renewing membership, registrants will be offered a refund, less $100 service fee.

- Chartered Membership can be cancelled by the member any time, but no refund is possible once the member has been approved as a chartered.
- Other members may cancel their membership any time and will receive a prorated refund less $100 service fee.
- Cancellation requests must be made in writing by e-mail, by the member or credit card holder.
- Refund requests must include the full name of the member and/or member ID number.
- Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. All benefits and incentives received by the members will be automatically removed or cancelled.

The above policies apply to all OASA memberships unless otherwise noted in the corresponding programme materials. Please read all the information thoroughly.