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Have you ever tried space cuisine — special meals prepared for astronauts or on an extended space mission?

Contrary to popular belief, space food is more than just freeze-dried vanilla ice cream, strawberry slices, or thousand-year-old Twinkies.

In May's SpaceBiz Talk, we will uncover the secrets behind space cuisine and the challenges faced in providing astronauts with safe, nutritious, and palatable meals. Discover how scientists and experts are pushing the boundaries of food technology to create compact and gravity-defying pre-packaged meals that can withstand extreme conditions in space.

Our speakers will shed light on the future of space food technology, innovative developments such as mycelium food technology and cultivated black truffles through super micro-food bacteria enzymes to see how sustainable approaches ensure a continuous source of nutrients for astronauts on their prolonged journeys to outer space.

Date: 25 May 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Location: 5/F Entrepreneurship Centre, Core F, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong

Language: English

Format: In-person or Online


  • Mr. Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Sophie's BioNutrients from Netherlands
  • Dr. CH Tien, President/CEO of Space Node Lab
  • Ms. Kitty Tang, Founder & CEO of Kolour Think Tang (KTT) and 60 Pins from Hong Kong

Special Guest: Prof. KH Wong, Director of Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Moderator: Ms. Francesca Lee

Academic Hindsight and Input:

  • Prof. Gregg Li, Advisor to the Lab for Space Research, HKU
  • Mr. Tom Chan, Food Safety Graduate

Investment Hindsight and Input: Prof. Richard Leung, International Advisory Committee at Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



  • Free for OASA Members
  • Non-Member: HKD 380 to join in-person; HKD 100 to join for online attendance

Speakers & Moderator

Mr. Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Sophie's BioNutrients

Eugene Wang grew up immersed in the vegetarian food business. Since 2010, his vision for launching Sophie's Kitchen, the first Plant-Based Seafood Alternative, has manifested into a viable category innovation lauded by the press and social media thought leaders. Sophie's Kitchen had won numerous recognitions from companies like PepsiCo and Chipotle.

In 2019, Eugene took the alternative protein to the microorganism level and started another venture - Sophie's BioNutrients. The Singapore-based company, which grows microalgae in bioreactors and has recently expanded to Europe. The company created the world's first allergen-free microalgae-based dairy alternatives and microalgae-based burger patties with its microalgae protein concentrate.

Dr. CH Tien, President/CEO of Space Node Lab

With over 30 years of experience in the technology sector, Dr. CH Tien has been a pivotal figure in heralding the onset of new tech eras as a technology evangelist.

Known as the "Oracle Technologist," his illustrious career is marked by a series of pioneering projects that harness the latest technologies to elevate human and social welfare, alongside a strong commitment to bolstering the planet's ecological health.

Dr. Tien has been researching into space projects for nearly a decade. He had worked with the late Dr. Joseph Anthony Resnick, a distinguished former NASA scholar and scientist, a holder of 26 patents, who has laid a solid foundation on the food preservation and storage for our space food project.

Ms. Kitty Tang, Founder & CEO of Kolour Think Tank (KTT) and 60 Pins

Kitty TANG Wing Kei is the Founder & CEO of Kolour Think Tank (KTT), an IT consulting firm that specialises in AI, IoT, and ESG solutions. She has over a decade of experience in the IT consulting sector, leading KTT to develop innovative and integrated solutions for various industries.

Some of KTT's notable projects include smart kiosk solutions for fintech and environmental purposes, system integration and deployment, sustainable urban & farm development, and AI-driven detergent refill stations for a circular economy.

Beyond her role at KTT, Kitty is also passionate about education and technology. She is the founder of 60Pins, a STEM-focused brand that aims to bring cutting-edge technology to educational settings. One of her initiatives is the ASTRON SPACE LAB, an international competition of space technology. SPCS students from the previous cohort had been awarded one of the 10 winners from 700 teams from 23 countries. The topic is feasibility to grow algae in the ISS. They are the first team in Hong Kong to be awarded with Flight Status in the ISS.

Prof. Wong Ka-hing, Director of Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. Ka-hing WONGis now a Full Professor of Department of Food Science and Nutrition at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Concurrently, he is appointed as Director of Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood; to facilitate impactful and interdisciplinary research in Food Sustainability, Smart Technology and Functional Food Development as well as Nutrition and Human Health. By integrating the knowledge of polysaccharide chemistry and nanotechnology, Prof. Wong's current research interest is to prepare novel selenium nanosystems with different mushroom polysaccharide-protein complexes for health promoting and biomedical applications (e.g. anti-osteoporosis, anti-cancer, immunomodulation, etc.). This innovative research programme has gained wide recognition with a number of national and international awards (e.g. IAAM Fellow and IAAM Scientist Award, 国家教育部2020年度高等学校科学研究优秀成果奖(科学技术)-技术发明奖二等奖etc.).

In addition to a productive publication record of over 100 top journal papers, conference abstracts/proceedings and book chapter as well as 10 China/US patents, Prof. Wong has secured over HKD 7.5 million funding support from government and food industry in both Hong Kong and Mainland China over the years. Apart from serving as guest speaker in various public forums and expressing expert's opinions on food safety and technology issues in different media channels, Prof. Wong also plays active roles in numerous local/national government departments and professional organizations in the fields of Food and Human Health.

Ms. Francesca Lee

Francesca Lee is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant based in Hong Kong. Her family's background in the uniform business inspired her to founding Per Suit, the first mobile tailoring brand in Hong Kong, ten years ago. Francesca also runs SML Consulting Limited, a boutique marketing agency that specializes in delivering exceptional marketing solutions.

Prof. Gregg Li, Advisor to the Lab for Space Research, HKU

Gregg has been a futurist and disrupter, a serial entrepreneur and a coach to startups, an international professor of entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate governance; a governance consultant to MNCs and family businesses, and most importantly, a developer and investor in young global systems leaders.

He is now an "Astropreneur" but continues to be a coach.

Many of his students and mentees are now leading global firms from McKinsey to Microsoft to Huawei. Having worked with, personally coached and mentored, high-flyers with global players such as Aon, American Express, Bain, Citibank, IBM, Protiviti, and PWC, he is now semi-retired and enjoys teaching at various universities on esoteric subjects like Space entrepreneurship. He is proud to say that a few of his hundred-plus mentees are now partners at leading consulting firms, global heads at MNCs, and founders of disruptive startups. They have been co-travellers on his journey of discovery; and many are now changing the world for the better.

Gregg is currently the founding director and President of the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy or OASA which is headquartered in Hong Kong. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at a dozen universities; and an advisor to a dozen think tanks. He is a Fellow of ICMCI, AAMA at PRD, and the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology. Gregg is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, University of Hawaii, HKU, UCLA, Warwick University in the UK. He continues to learn and share with other hitchhikers of the galaxy.

Mr. Tom Chan, Food Safety Graduate

Tom Chan obtained a master's degree in food safety and toxicology at HKU. His Final Year Project was related to Fungus Toxins. After graduation, he supported the Project at the government. Then, he spent a few years in Quality Assurance of non-food products and services in several industries. In recent years, he was an entrepreneur at a startup company for some talent programmes. He now supports OASA's youth programmes as a Programme Director. 

Prof. Richard Leung, International Advisory Committee of Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. Richard Leung is a seasoned financier with 40 years of experience in various banking, securities and investment businesses. He held positions such as the China CEO of DBS Bank and UBS Wealth Management. Prof. Leung is actively involved in fintech as an investor, mentor and consultant. His current roles include serving as a Professor of Practice (Finance) and the International Advisory Committee of Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.




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