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In March, we will explore the topic of HAM - a nickname for amateur radio enthusiasts. There are apparently 2 million licensed HAM radio operators worldwide (including the OASA Radio Club). Is it possible for a HAM radio operator to make contact with an astronaut working on the International Space Station (ISS)? Let's find out!

Actually, you can't just grab a phone and ask for Joe the Astronaut. Although the ISS and China's Tiangong space stations are no more than a thousand kilometres from the Earth's surface, there are protocols and regulations that govern how one would go about making contact with an astronaut. To answer all the questions you might have, we have invited our very own HAM operator -- Mr. Michael Ho (call sign VR2XMH) together with Mr. Peter Leung (call sign VR2PK) of Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS) to enlighten us on this and related topics:

Topics for discussion

  1. Explore ways to dial up and speak with our astronauts up there, how special is it?
  2. Examine what possible opportunities exist for offering space-based communications services in the NewSpace Economy?
  3. How can people on the Earth's surface get into contact with the ISS for free?
  4. Explain how the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) system uses the ISS to relay communications signals to improve safety in remote areas.
  5. What are some simple and practical projects that can be carried out by students, that can significantly improve the safety of mountain activities?

Other Speakers

As in all our SpaceBiz talks, we shall invite an academic who would help set the context and an investor who would frame the discussion with critical investment perspectives. Mr. Andy Kong from HKU's Lab for Space Research shall be the academic commentator, and Prof. Richard Leung, Professor of Practice (Finance) and Council member of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, shall be the mock investor.



  • Free for OASA Members
  • Non-Member: HKD 280 to join in-person; Free to join for online attendance

Total Seats Available: 10 seats

Language: Cantonese

Date: 23 March 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00noon (HKT)

Venue: Entrepreneurship Centre, Level 5, Cyberport 3 Core F, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

Academic Hindsight and Input: Mr. Andy Kong, Research Assistant at Laboratory for Space Research, HKU

Investment Hindsight and Input: Prof. Richard Leung, Professor of Practice (Finance) and Council member of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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在這個三月份的講座中,我們將探討「火腿如何聯絡太空人」這個重要議題!所謂的「火腿」(HAM)是業餘無線電愛好者的暱稱。據說全球上有超過兩百萬名持有業餘無線電執照的操作員(包括 OASA Radio Club),他們可否使用自己的設備與在國際太空站工作的太空人取得聯絡呢?讓我們好好來探討這個問題吧。

事實上,一般人當然不可能隨意通過電話與在太空站執勤的太空人聯絡。雖然國際太空站 或中國天宮太空站距離地面不到一千公里,但仍然受到通訊設定或規範之限制,使一般人無法直接與太空人「電聯」。

創星匯特意邀請了本會的「火腿」即 HAM operator,何家驥先生(Mr. Michael Ho, 業餘電台呼號 VR2XMH)以及香港業餘電台聯會 (HARTS)的梁偉雄先生(Mr. Peter Leung, 業餘電台呼號 VR2PK),為我們詳細講解。梁先生是 HARTS 的培訓及統籌主任,亦是執行委員會委員的一員。


  1. 與太空人進行聯絡有哪些方法?
  2. 探討在「新太空經濟 」的領域中,提供太空通訊服務有市場潛力嗎?
  3. 目前有什麼免費渠道可以與國際太空站聯絡?
  4. 解釋如何透過自動位置回報系統(APRS)將國際太空站用作為中繼,以解決荒野的地區活動安全問題。
  5. 有哪些容易實踐的項目,能夠有效地改善山嶺活動的安全情況?


所有的 SpaceBiz 講座均會邀請一名學者負責設定背景,以及一名投資者以批判性的投資觀點來構建討論。

本次講座的學者是香港大學太空研究實驗室研究助理 江頌濤先生(Mr. Andy Kong),而模擬投資者則是香港理工大學實務教授(金融)和校董會成員 梁甜昭教授(Prof. Richard Leung)。



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  • 非會員:現場出席每位收費港幣$280;線上參與免費

名額:10 位





學術意見及提供:江頌濤先生 − 香港大學太空研究實驗室研究助理

投資分析:梁甜昭教授 − 香港理工大學實務教授(金融)和校董會成員


Speakers 講者

Mr. Peter Leung 梁偉雄先生

(PK Sir, call sign VR2PK)

Mr. Peter Leung is the Training and Coordination Director of Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS), and a member of its Executive Committee. One of Hong Kong's most experienced HAM instructors, he has a keen interest in the use of amateur radio. He has been teaching amateur radio, antennas and electronic theory for over 20 years.


Mr. Michael Ho 何家驥先生

(Call sign VR2XMH)

Mr. Michael Ho, formerly an economic and securities analyst, is currently working in the insurance industry. He is a member of HARTS as well as a Hong Kong scout leader of the Yau Tsim District. Michael is responsible for training young members on radio knowledge and the use of radio communication to improve the safety of mountain activities.



Mr. Kong Chung To, Andy 江頌濤先生

(Call sign VR2UGN)

Mr. Andy Kong is a Research Assistant at HKU's Laboratory for Space Research. Mr. Kong is a Computer Science PhD candidate at HKU and has previously worked in different industries, including CubeSat, robotics, LED screens, FPGAs, access control/ CCTV, networking, and AI solutions. In 2017, he was a TEDx speaker about "Maker Mindset."


He received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada and a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from HKU.


江頌濤先生是香港大學太空研究實驗室的研究助理。他同時是香港大學計算機科學系的博士生,曾在多個行業工作,包括立方體衛星、機器人技術、LED螢幕、FPGA、門禁/ 閉路電視、網路和人工智慧解決方案。2017年,江先生在TEDx上發表了關於「創客心態」的演講。


他在加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學(University of British Columbia)獲得電機工程和計算機工程學士學位,並在香港大學獲得電機電子工程碩士學位。

Prof. Richard Leung 梁甜昭教授

Prof. Richard Leung is a seasoned financier with 40 years of experience in various banking, securities and investment businesses. He held positions such as the China CEO of DBS Bank and UBS Wealth Management. Prof. Leung is actively involved in fintech as an investor, mentor and consultant. His current roles include serving as a Professor of Practice (Finance) and a Council member at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

梁教授是一位經驗豐富的金融家,在各類銀行、證券及投資業務方面擁有40年經驗。 他曾擔任星展銀行和瑞銀財富管理的中國首席執行官。 作為金融科技領域的活躍投資者和導師,他積極參與諮詢和教育工作。目前,他在香港理工大學擔任實務教授(金融),並是校董會成員。

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