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Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong), OASA, has been established to accelerate talents and start-ups to enrich opportunities throughout the world, starting from the international city of Hong Kong. We work closely with all universities, mindful employers, and help them establish STEAM programs where youths can learn how to build their own careers in the NewSpace era.


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Dear YMPers, 

One last workshop to help you think digitally and lay the foundation in building your next digital company. 

For this workshop, we shall have Mr. Andy Bien, a Global Advisor to Huawei, actually their Chief Digital Officer, on how to think and build a digital company. Andy was the CIO at the Hong Kong Airport Academy before his first retirement.  

We are extremely fortunate to be able to invite Andy. 

Andy Bien - Singapore | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

I will begin first on an intro to Big Data, and shall cover Data Privacy. Andy shall follow up with some examples and discussions on how new companies are being set up today, post VUCA and with the Industry 4.0 in full force. This workshop will open your mindset to how your new company should consider as it becomes a digital company.  Remember ChatGPT? Its arrival for sure will have an impact on the new way companies shall be organised.  

Your team shall be building a new company based on your business canvas. So, please be very critical with your business canvas and be ready to use that to create a skeleton for your new company or adventure. 

Venue: H6 Conet, Central

Date and time: 6 May 23 (Sat), 9:30 am to 1pm 

Topic: Digital Transformation and Preparation

Facilitators: Mr. Andy Bien and Prof. Gregg Li 

See you all soon. 


Dr G


Andy Bien (Chief Digital Officer at Global Aviation Industry, Huawei)

Andy Bien

Chief Digital Officer at Global Aviation Industry, Huawei

Gregg Li (Executive Director and President of OASA HK)

Gregg Li

Executive Director and President of OASA HK

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  1. 10 Deliverables
  2. All timesheets
  3. Recommendations for sponsors and suggestions on potential future investors and funders
  4. ESG Award and NFT
  5. 360 evaluations
  6. All materials returned to the sponsor




Multifunction Room ACD, H6 CONET
Queen's Road Central 99
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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