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Venue Location
Venue Location


3/F,186-190 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai (Opposite side of Hopewell Centre/Upstairs of Kee Wah Bakery)
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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Contact Person: Cynthia Tsang
Event Details
Event Details

To continue to raise our quality of teaching and training to a more professional level, OASA shall be providing, free-of-charge, professional remedial training for a select group of trainers. 

The demand for OASA programs has skyrocketed and we are working very hard to bring in quality teachers and trainers so that our students continue to receive the very best. For this summer, we anticipate there will be dozens of OASA programs needing professional trainers. Depending on the level and type of programme and trainer, the training honorarium fees per hour for external courses and programs have ranged up to HK$3000.  

Topics covered: 
  1. Empathy and Training. Knowing Me, Knowing You. The Johari Window. Individual learning styles and preferences. Kolb Learning Theory. 
  2. Warming up the audience and raising attention span. Some tools and games for reference. 
  3. Conducting Training Needs Analysis or TNAs. 
  4. Designing a 20-minute learning module (practice by each person). Competency-based learning objectives. 
  5. Addressing and handling tough questions from students. The Socratic Method. 
  6. Managing voice, eye contact, and command of the classroom. 
  7. Designing simple competency-based assessments, peer feedback, and raising interactions among the students. 
  8. The differences between teaching and training, experimental learning and rote learning, and wicked problems and non-wicked problems.
  9. A contractual relationship with training bodies and ethics. 

Our Master Trainers and Workshop Style

Dr. G shall be the main trainer and he has received numerous teaching and training awards before his retirement. Having designed courses and programs for hundreds of programs and with over 30 universities in his lifetime of teaching and training, Gregg shall be facilitating and helping you become a better trainer. The workshop will be interactive and each of you shall be given a chance to practice, to feedback, and to interact with fellow trainers. Dr. G and his special guests have trained hundreds of trainers and teachers over the years, literally around the world. 

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners